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I think my life started the first time I met Harry in 1951, when I bumped into him on the streets of London. He smirked down at me with his green eyes and from that moment I just kind of knew, that Harry and I were destined for great things. Of course me and Harry’s happily ever after didnt last forever, probably for about 5 years, when I finally asked him to marry me. We spent our little piece of forever cradled in one another’s warmth, learning new things about ourselves from each other every day. When I was sent out to war, in 1956, I knew leaving Harry behind would be one of the hardest things I ever had to face in my entire life. Kissing him on the door step while he cried in my arms begging me not to  leave him alone. I dreamed that one day things like this didn’t  have to happen, that we didn’t have to fight to solve our problems, that the world was just pure love and that hatred didn’t exist. A life for me without Harry, doesn’t exist. It never did before I met him and until we meet again, It never will. 


Today I am released from the force due to a major injury in my left knee, and I am unable to walk maybe for a while, or maybe for forever. The doctors aren’t sure yet. I just know that when the jeep dropped me off in front of me and my husbands old home, that I was going to see the light in my life again. As soon as the front door opened with a smiling and crying Harry staring at me with his hands to his mouth in pure shock, I knew he didn’t forget about me, just as I had never forgotten him. Another thing caught my eye as a young little girl with brown curly hair and a pink dress clutched at Harry’s knee, causing him to look down and cry even more. Before I knew it, my husband was picking up our daughter, who I was seeing for the first time, and running towards me, knocking me to the ground and kissing me all over. I dreamed there was no war. I only dreamed for this life again.

-Louis Styles Tomlinson